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Your visit is designed by people who know Tunisia intimately and have studied its heritage thoroughly...who understand the nuances that go into making a unique and memorable vacation. We exclusively offer Tunisia as a destination and focus solely on this country because we know it, love it and are expert at making you fully enjoy it
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We are committed to providing you with a unique quality vacation worthy of this legendary destination
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PromoTunisia Travel and Investment Support Team

Naceur Malouche, our President, CEO and co-founder has over 50 years of experience in the field and is considered one of   the pioneers and fathers of tourism in Tunisia. Naceur has broad knowledge of what it takes to make your trip unforgettable and bases it on his extensive network (click attached chart).

Barbara Bauer, our General Counsel is a long time traveler and formerly a senior director at a major Telecommunications Carrier in the Northwest. Barbara's love for travel and adventure, combined with her deep understanding of quality of services and key differentiating small details brings a new meaning to service excellence.

Mohamed Ali Malouche, our co-founder obtained his MBA from the INT French business school in Paris and followed up with a Masters at Michigan State University.  Mohamed has been working for 15 years in the US as a telecommunications consultant with AMS and Deloitte and is continuing his work in Tourism and ICT to foster Communication between Tunisia and the US.  His greatest challenge is to make travelers and investors discover things that they would never suspect to see when they visit his country.

       Our strength is that we pay close personal attention to our travelers needs and are prepared to give them a memorable cultural and human travel experience. We are uniquely positioned to understand the North American and European clientele needs and expectations for having lived in the US and Europe for many years.

       Our commitment is evidenced by our vast network (click on attached chart) in Tunisia that not only gives us the opportunity to “make it happen”, but also provides you with the best quality services at competitive rates. Our extensive network can provide quick resolution to issues and above all, it is you best support to handle unfortunate and emergency medical situations (no places in hotel, no flight reservation, client gets sick…). Safety and peace of mind are critical success factors for us.  We have a local presence in Atlanta, GA to provide information, planning and quick resolution of issues prior and after your trip.

       Our expertise makes us a partner of choice for you. We are proud of our local guides natural and cultural knowledge of Tunisia. We strongly believe that the key to success in any trip is the guide and we feel ours are the most dedicated, the best educated professionals in the country with extensive historical and cultural backgrounds and fluency in english. They truly take our guests deep into a Tunisia unknown to tourists.  Many of our experts are university professors - historians, archeologists, geologists, paleontologists, zoologists, botanists. Or they may be silk weavers, potters, tailors, fisher folk, or farmers.

        Our philosophy is to bring small group or independent travelers’ and treat them like we would treat our friends, make them discover the “real” Tunisia, venture off the beaten paths and provide them with an active cultural experience that they will never forget.

Founders Biographies

PromoTunisia’s founders come from a long tradition of tourism professionalism and professional services excellence:

       Mariem Mezghenni, our CFO holds a PhD in international economics from the University of Paris Dauphine. In addition to her financial reponsibilities with the travel side of PromoTunisia, she is entirely in charge of the investment branch which aim is to attract Foreign direct investment in Tunisia. Mariem is an economist at the World Bank and has 7 years of trade and investment experience. Mariem also dedicates tremendous efforts and time actively seeking out initiatives that benefit the local people such as collecting and shipping items offered by our guests and making donations to support schools and culture.
His motivation is to make them appreciate Tunisia as an enjoyable and enriching destination, with a great potential both from a touristic and investment standpoints.

Mohamed can be reached at
        Mohamed Halouani, our tour director, transformed his profound passion for travel and history into a creative and diversified educational career, designing and carrying out multiple archaeological and cultural trips for diverse institutions, such as The Detroit Institute of Art, The Textile Museum, The American Museum of Natural History and many more organizations.

After having received his degrees in English and Spanish, Mohamed Halouani completed his European Master’s in linguistics and Hispanic studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris. He has extensive knowledge on Islamic and
secular architecture and Eastern decorative elements.

A skilled multilingual interpreter, Mohamed has served as Tour Director in Tunisia. He now resides in Paris and will lead our special tours through the marvels of Tunisia.
PromoTunisia is a services company aimed at promoting Tunisia as a cultural travel destination and assisting US companies with direct investment opportunities in Tunisia

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PromoTunisia’s founders come from a long tradition of tourism professionalism and professional services excellence: