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Archeological sites from Phoenician to Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, Ottoman and European; médinas, mosques; long-lived arts and popular traditions; artistic events; craft industry; music and songs of the traditional and popular registers.

Tunisia has as many sites declared humanity inheritance as Greece.
     Our People

A synthesis of various civilizations, Carthage and Rome to mention only the most prestigious ones, Tunisia has always been distinguished by intense cultural activity.

Berber, Arab, African and European influences have shaped the Tunisian cultural identity.

     Our Music

Tunisian music is very diverse and has been influenced by Andalusian, Turkish and Arabic rhythms. Arabic classical music, Malouf can be heard in the old palaces or in cafes in the street while classical music resounds in the St Louis cathedral of Carthage converted into the Acropolium or in the Roman coliseum of El Djem.

In Sidi Bou Said, you can hear the creation of contemporary Tunisian masters while in Tabarka during the festival, you can enjoy jazz and music of the world (listen to music played in the festival of Tabarka).
     Our National Costumes

In most Tunisian regions, women’s costumes are largely varied and highly refined. Weaving and embroidery vary from one region to another. The used fabrics are adapted to needs and circumstances (brocade, silk, velvet, wool, cotton and linen).

Tunisia- people
Tunisia -Traditions
   Although Islam is prevailing, all other great religions coexist peacefully in Tunisia. Jewish and Christian communities freely observe their rites and contribute to enriching the diversity of the Tunisian culture.

Warm and hospitable, Tunisians are always available and ready to lend a hand.

Tunisia- costumes
     Our Architecture

Tunisian cities, both old and new have been built with many unique styles of architecture. Tunis has since long been famous for its beautiful gates and windows. While the houses might be simple and minimalistic, wealth was centered to the workmanship of these wooden elelements.

The dominating colours for doors are blue and beige, while windows are dominated by blue.

Tunisia- architecture & doors
Tunisia- Sidi Bou Said
Tunisia- Medina Door
Tunisia- Medina Door
Tunisia- Medina door
Tunisia - Medina door
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Cultural Aspects of Tunisia
Tunisia’s cultural heritage has many attractive facets...
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