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  A mix of civilizations, mild nature, god-blessed coasts and a captivating desert coveted by men since time immemorial, Tunisia is ideally positioned in the middle of the Mediterranean and provides access to the African continent.

builds its tours to combine cultural and natural discovery with play and relaxation time. We  will take you to explore this fascinating country of hospitality and great tolerance. Tunisia is a unique example of women emancipation in Africa and the Muslim world, where women are equal partners with men and fully contributing to the country’s growth.

Enjoy cultural encounters in the coastal cities and villages of Tunisia such as Tabarka, Sidi Bou Said and the Cap Bon while marveling at breathtaking views of Tunisian’s natural sceneries.

Discover the legacy of Phoenicians, Romans and Muslim civilizations, the greatness of Tunisia’s past and its people hospitality, generosity and openness of spirit in the present times.


Explore the oases, ksars and dunes of southern Tunisia and immerse into the Nomads culture and traditions.
Archaeological images Tunisia
Archaeological images Tunisia
Kairouan Tunisia
Sidi Bou Said Tunisia
PromoTunisia specializes in guided holidays around cultural themes such as music, festivals,cuisine, arts & traditions to provide our travelers with a Tunisian people experience.
Explore Tunisia's 3,000 old historic sights, dazzling landscapes and oases on the edge of the world's largest desert...
Exploration & Leisure
Diving, sailing or windsurfing in crystal clear waters in the coral coast and spending the afternoon in the heights of a typical village, with a mechmoum of jasmine behind your ear, enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean scenery where the Romans defeated the Carthaginians on the 3rd punic war.

Enjoy championship golf in any of the 8 golf courses and depending on location, spend the afternoon viewing a 2,000 year old antiquity site or admire the beautiful sunset in the Sahara desert.

Get a seawater, algues and marine muds Thalassotherapy treatment with preventive and curative aims, while enjoying the great mosques of Kairouan where the Muslim civilization began its conquest of today’s Spain and France.
Take a 4X4 or balloon trip across the sands that felt the swords clash between byzantins and arabs and have been the stage of Starwars and the English Patient, and enjoy a dinner featuring couscous, lamb mechoui, brik, a variety of salads and tabouna bread, under a tent around a fire in the middle of the Sahara desert.
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Enjoy the delight and enchantment of Tunisia’s markets and souks, hammams and cafés, traditional cooking and mint tea, each one a little celebration and joy in itself. But above all they warm the heart, in this country where hospitality, generosity and openness of spirit are innate. Just like Tunisians you will  be tempted put a "mechmoum" of jasmine behind your ear, taste a "brik", some "couscous", "tabouna" bread and the exceptional fish available.