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  The Tunisian gastronomy is the result of rare combinations mixing local know-how and the contributions of various origins at various times.

The Tunisian cuisine was enriched throughout the centuries by the contributions of the people who came in the country. For example, the Jewish community’s impact is very significant as were the Berbers who brought couscous to Tunisia.

Tunisian cuisine is based on olive oil and spices whose suitable mixture and erudite proportioning achieved miracles, transforming simple and inexpensive products into refined dishes.

Like all Mediterranean countries, Tunisian cuisine depends not only on olive oil, spices and tomatoes but also on a great assortment of fishes and meats. It draws its inspiration from various sources particularly Berber, Arab, Turkish and even Italian.

The modern Tunisian gastronomy offers a wide choice of hors d’oeuvre.

The most popular is the famous “brik a l’oeuf “and tuna: It consists of triangular shaped pastry which is stuffed with tuna, herbs, an egg and fried in oil. One finds them in the menu at every gargote. If the pastry is too thick, the Brik becomes brick and the point is lost.

  There is a great variety of soups from vegetable soups to fish or lamb soups.

With this great diversity, each area adds particular components: in Tunis, it is specific hors d’oeuvres like Brik Danouni. The typical dish in Sfax is the fish soup. Djerba’s speciality is a preparation of rice a la jerbienne.

In rural areas, one still appreciates a multitude of very simple primitive preparations, often based on home made bread and harissa, the Tunisian national spicy sauce.

Olives Tunisia

There are also various salads containing vegetables like the salad méchouia or meats like the salad of octopuses.

Like all Mediterranean people, the Tunisians love to nibble at a selection of appetizing bits and pieces as soon as they sit at the table. In Greece, Turkey or Lebanon, it is called the Mezze, here Kemia, and it is this course that whets the appetite and begins the conversation around the table: tiny octopus, clams, pimentos, olives, harissa, the national hot sauce, tuna, merguez (a sausage of beef or lamb grilled over charcoal).

Mechouia Salad, Cuisine Tunisia
Soup Tunisia Cuisine
  Tunisian’s appetizers also include Home pressed olive oil, few green olives, country bread, heavy and grainy and a salad of sliced scarlet radishes or plump tomatoes served with grilled fish.

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Brik Tunisia cuisine
The successive races who have lived and intermarried have helped, with their various tastes and customs, influence the Tunisian cuisine.
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