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    The majority of PromoTunisia’s hotels are 5* hotels that are carefully chosen for your comfort and that have been built so they blend into the environment.

PromoTunisia has chosen in specific cases small hotels located in the old parts of town, away from the tourist scenes but close to local points of interest such as souks and colorful markets. Sample hotels are described below:
      Sindbad Hammamet

Shortly after passing the “medina” of Hammamet and about a hundred meters away from the cultural center, the Sindbad hotel offers 5* luxurious services in Moresque style bungalows.

Each room has its own terrace and small private garden, and is either facing the Mediterranean or the gardens. At every crossroad, small wooden notice boards will indicate directions because in the middle of this huge blooming and woody Eden, which is carefully kept by meticulous gardeners, you can very easily lose your way.

The Sindbad hotel features three restaurants with different specialties, seafood and fish at the seaside, international and Tunisian in the gardens, all a la carte menus.

     The Residence Tunis

The sumptuous 5* hotel the Residence is located in the Gammarth region at the suburbs of Tunis. It is one of two hotels in Tunisia that is a member of the prestigious “leading hotels of the world”. All rooms feature a sofa corner & private balcony overlooking the sea.

Built in the grand tradition of the Arab-Andalousian style, Its outstanding architecture and refined furnishings, along with its impeccable service, affords an ideal setting for Business and leisure travelers alike.

The Residence features a thalassotherapy center that uses seawater and the sea climate for therapeutic purposes and prevention of illness. It is particularly useful for fighting stress, tiredness, problems of blood circulation and weight gain.

The Residence features three restaurants, Li Bai that provides authentic Chinese Imperial cuisine in a luxurious setting, L'Olivier, with a terrace overlooking the pool, features Mediterranean specialties and seafood and a Tunisian restaurant.

Luxury Hotel Tunisia
     Dar Said Sidi Bou Said

Located at the very heart of the famous village of Sidi Bou Saïd, dating back to the 13th century, looking out simultaneously on part of this village, on Carthage and on the whole expanse of the Gulf of Tunis, Dar Saïd is a former middle-class dwelling rebuilt in the mid-19th century. It has recently been restored and fitted out professionally, preserving its architectural features and turning it into a spellbinding residence.

It consists of 24  typically decorated rooms, each different from the next. The bathrooms have been designed as luxurious and original small Turkish baths.The inside of the residence is embellished with 4 traditional patios,- 3 of which have a glass roof-planted with jasmine and bougainvillea and livened up with fountains and running water.

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Charming Hotel Tunisia
Charming hotel Tunisia
    A bar and a hammam are available to guests, as well as a 24-hour room service providing ,among other things, traditional small dishes using fresh ingredients from the day’s market. They can have breakfast in the lounge, in the room or in the garden.

PromoTunisia specializes in guided holidays around cultural themes such as music, festivals,cuisine, arts & traditions to provide our travelers with a Tunisian people experience.
Stay in carefully chosen hotels close to local points of interest such as artists’ gathering and colorful markets.
    Out in the open, there is a small swimming-pool alongside a beautiful garden, including century-old cypresses and   bougainvillea, overlooking the Mediterranean sea, which turns this historical location with the world-famous Blue and White colours of Sidi Bou Saïd into an exceptional environment bathed in great calm.