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     Dar Cheraiet Tozeur

Dar Cheraiet located in Tozeur is a hotel museum where the arab architecture and the intimacy created by the decoration, the service and the surroundings is a perfect representation of oriental. palaces.

Two restaurants propose the best local and international cuisine. The museum features luxurious decorations and gardens with the most representative scenes of North African life.

     Tamerza Palace

Located in the heart of mountains oases in the Sahara Desert, first 4* palace build in the middle of the desert, the Tamerza palace overlooks a beautiful and authentic desert scenery.

The hotel has been build in harmony with its environment and the surrounding nature and makes this hotel a unique paradise in Tunisia. Two restaurants offer southern specialties and international a la carte menus in a beautiful setting.

This hotel is a privileged place for inspiration and serenity but also great for friends of nature and people looking for intact spaces.
      La Kasbah

The Kasbah (central traditional quarter) lies at the heart of the holy city of Kairouan. This hotel, build and managed by Promotel, our parent company, with a luxurious inside and a sober outlook, merges harmoniously into the Arab-Islamic architecture of the city of Kairouan.

The hotel, of recent construction, incorporates certain ancient areas that have been restored, such as the Turkish Café, of rare beauty. The hotel counts a principal restaurant, Rakada, and a restaurant à la carte, Sofra. The cuisine is international with local specialities.

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Charming Hotel Tunisia
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