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PromoTunisia assists US companies with direct investment opportunities in Tunisia

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PromoTunisia supports US investors seeking to evaluate opportunities in Tunisia and Tunisian exporters interested in marketing and selling their products and services in the United States
Successfully assess opportunities
A trusted advisor with deep experience in Tunisia and the US

The team working with you will have specialists in both Tunisia to evaluate leads and identify potential partners, and in the US to understand your requirements and constraints.

Both teams will come together with you in Tunisia to assist you with expert and reliable advice.
We have the experience and relationships in both the United States and Tunisia to assist you.

Most importantly, we will ensure that US investors are entering into their Tunisia  business relationship research  with confidence.
We advise our clients through their required due diligence activities:
We specialize in Information & Communication Technologies:
Find partners and identify key players
Compare alternatives and gather business case data
Proceed with implementation including roadmap and operational readiness
Software development
Systems integration
Business Process Outsourcing
Call centers, telecommunications

For quotes and rate sheets, please contact us at 1-888-701-3202 or email at