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     Thalassotherapy is the utilization of seawater at a given temperature, algues and marine muds with a preventive and curative aim.

Tunisia is the ideal place for thalasso services with its luxurious hotels, climate softness, sunny weather, 750 miles coastline and para-medical competency.

Installations are found in top hotels and are equipped with sophisticated top of the line equipments. The hotels propose a la carte services. The Tunisian government imposed very rigorous standards in terms of equipments and requires the presence of a doctor, medical staff and chiropractors.

    Treatments include heavy legs, anti-tobacco treatment, slimming, anti-rhumatism, young mothers and beauty care .

It attracts more generally anybody who need rest and wellness care.

Following the tradition of Punic bathtubs, roman thermes, Arabic hammam, Tunisia ranks second in the world for the quality of its treatments and the professionalism of its thalasso staff.

Massage Tunisia
Thalasso Tunisia
Thalasso spa Tunisia
   Walking and Hiking in the Tunisian hinterland is worth a detour. On foot, you can set off and explore Djerba’s rural tracks or the shady, winding roads around Tabarka, in the area around the mountains of the North West to give you a foretaste of the little-known scenery that is made for ramblers.

For example, the vast verdant landscape of forest in Ain Draham, the red-roofed town, which is perfect for long walks, and the steep mountains of the west, for trekking.
forests Tunisia
Forests Tunisia
Thalasso, walking & hiking

Walking & hiking

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